Mafia City Rules: Keep your City Safe from Annihilation

We all know that Mafia City is a game of strategy and power. However, it is important to know who to, and who not to attack within your city so that you will be able to sustain and thrive.

Even though this game is, at the end of the day about defeating other clans and proving you are a force to be reckoned with, you should follow some basic rules in order to keep yourself, and your clan safe.

Mafia City Clans

Ensure that your clan follows the rules set by the leader (r5) and their right hands (r4s). Check to see what alliances you have with other clans, and be sure not to break the peace.

If your clan doesn't have alliances written on their wall or haven't made any rules, the general rule is not to attack strong clans, especially on your own! If you are planning to, and have other players involved from your clan, make sure that you have the ability to defend your clan if they retaliate.

The best way to see how powerful a clan is, it to check their wall, and not only check their power, but also their alliances. If they have a lot of power and or allies, then, it is probably better not to attack!

Another point to consider is not to collect resources, attack street forces, etc, from within these clans borders. If they catch you doing so, they may insight an attack on you, and/or your clan.

Who Can you attack in Mafia City

If you find a mansion that is not in a clan, then, generally they are either not active, or have been kicked from their clan, so, it is a safe bet to attack them (given that you are more powerful). If you are questioning whether it is a good idea or not, be sure to spy them first.

You can also attack smaller clans without too much worry, but be sure to check their walls for alliances, as they can have some strong allies, or the clan could be a farm clan of a very large clan! Be careful!

Most importantly, when you are not playing, or offline for any amount of time, get your hands on a truce buff and use it!


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