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collection by: Kingpin Mr. Lycus

Tip #1: Upgrade Buildings

The game allows you to have a maximum of 2 building queues. In order to grow fast, you want to keep both these queues busy as much as possible in order to grow fast. The upgrades get expensive very quickly so the only way to keep both the queues busy later in the game is to use farm accounts. (I’ll do a separate post later showing you how to set up farm accounts)

Tip #2: Train Troops

Try to constantly train your troops to increase your overall power and to ensure your strong enough to attack or defend. Bulkers are best for defence, so train high level bulkers as fast as you can. Vehicles are best for gathering. Shooters and Bikers are best for attacks. Take into consideration that having crews costs money per hour, so once you train stronger crews, you can remove the lower power ones to avoid paying too much per hour. 

Tip #3: Investment

The invest center gives you a wide variety of properties to invest in. You can invest in them based on your play style. Again, the cost of these investments goes up pretty quickly so you’ll need a lot of resources later in the game for doing these investments.

The "crew capabilities" investment is crucial to the success of battles, so, start off by trying to max out the investments here. 

Tip #4: Leader Level

Every time your leader levels up, you get a small boost in power. Always check your inventory for those experience items which you can use to gain experience. It’ll help you level up your leader quickly especially early on in the game.

Tip #5: Defense Weapons

Building higher level defense weapons will give you more power. You can increase the maximum capacity of your defense weapons by upgrading your wall. If you have 67 skill points, you’ll be able to unlock the ‘craftsman’ skill, which will allow you to build 500 defense weapons for free every 4 hours. The defense weapons built using this skill will be based on the highest level you can build in the security center. So, the higher your security center level is, the better this skill will work.

Tip #6: Equipment

You get a small power boost for equipping better equipment. The higher the equipment level & the better it’s quality, the more power you get for equipping it. Make sure you’re always robbing gems at the lapidary complex so that you can craft better equipment quickly. Investing in the ‘gem making speedup’ property will increase the speed of gem making and can reduce the time for making a green quality gem from 8 hours to 5 hours 20 minutes, so max this property out whenever you can.

Tip #7: Building tips

Now this is controversial as everyone has had their fair of success stories with different builds. I currently have 4 accounts and my highest is at 10 mil power in world 248, which I've had for quite some time. Im my experience having the maximum allowed quantity of clubs and hospitals built AND MAXED with the current mansion level at the given time is crucial to your amount of troops trained at one time.  ALL buildings are important to build and max out but in my experience the key buildings are Mansion ( of course ), Wall, Diner, and Barracks. Each needing requirements that need to be leveled as well, with that said... The faster you can hustle to get to AT-LEAST Mansion 16 the better you will be in the long run.. To each build there is a give and take, Pros to this is that the final outcome is better as you gain stronger troops faster when you rush Mansion levels.. The Cons is that well, your rushed, you didn't take the time to slowly raise your turf leveled, so Not rushing takes longer and your turf gets stronger with all buildings maxed. Rushing you get power faster but, you'd have to go back and level buildings up slowly. Again this is controversial but its worked for me and continues to work for me.

Tip #8: Clan placed Hospital

From experience the Clan placed hospital is a double edged sword. Yes, you save troops as you have an industrial sized hospital to hoard your almost dead troops while you SLOWLY and painfully heal them with days and days of donating... Yes... Donating... The clan Hospital is great for helping you NOT loose your valuable troops you spent so many hours waiting..  I HONESTLY suggest donating ALOT and saving your clan points dont spend them UNLESS there is REAAALLLLY something you need.. Healing your troops from the Clan hospital is EXPENSIVE and some would rather just retrain whats lost.. but you cant retrain, they will remain in the hospital until you heal them.. Just hoard up the points you get from the donation section, besides it helps the clan when you donate and eventually you will thank me with this tip on hoarding your points..

Tip #9: Server time

Finding the server time can be quite confusing and Thanks to KingPin MrLycus, heres how.. By clicking on your photo on the upper left of your main screen, then clicking settings on the lower right ( most of us know this as if we're going to switch accounts ). The server date and time are located at the top of that screen.

Tip #10: Bribery

You can use the Clan club to exchange goods for dirty money. Go to the clan club, select city hall (on the right) and select bribery. You will see 3 options for bribes, using 100, 300 or 500 dirty money. You collect dirty money by attacking street forces. 

Tip #11: 

collecting resources

When collecting resources, please, ensure that you have enough space to empty the tile, so that the entity disappears. If the tile is not depleted entirely, then it will remain on the map, and no more resource will appear of that level. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to always clear the resource completely. If you cannot, or need help with it, please, contact another player to assist.

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