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Whether you want to write about the Mafia City game specifically, compare it to other similar games, or write about your other favorite games, industry news, or want to have a rant about the latest and greatest (or worst), this is the forum for you. Engage our audience with well written pieces and interact with them in the comments.



Why write for us


  1. Share your passion. It is a chance for you to share your thoughts, knowledge, tips, and passion with readers who share the same interest. We are happy to provide you with a digital stage to express yourself and engage others!

  2. Establish your authority. Are you looking to build or broaden your fan-base, subscribers, or list of followers? Here, you get a chance to establish your knowledge and authority in the industry, and an opportunity to reference our readers to your website or social media profile. At the end of the day, we share the same passions, and will be happy to introduce our readers to something new and exciting.

  3. Improve your marketing efforts. Alongside with the awareness, you will get an opportunity to add a backlink to your social profile and, or website, strengthening the digital power of your domain and promote your blog or your product.


What to do before writing


Before reaching out to us, make sure to come up with a clear topic you would like to cover. Please, get acquainted with our writing guidelines below, we will not accept your content if it violates any of the requirements below.


Writing guidelines

  • We accept articles no shorter than 700 words.

  • Your content must be unique. All articles will be checked for plagiarism across the web, as well as close similarities with the content already present of our website. Additionally, we run additional checks for duplication once the content is finalized.

  • Your article should cover relevant topics that would be interesting to our audience. These can include: game reviews and comparisons, latest gaming news, gaming tips, and advice.

  • Any imagery used in your post must be royalty free, fully licensed, owned by you, or appropriate attribution must be made. We take no responsibly to check the status of the images you use and if any legal action is taken, it will be your responsibility to resolve the issue.

  • Your post should have a clear structure and a logical, strong use of sub-heading.

  • You can add a backlink to your website, however, your article should not be-overly promotional.

  • Your content should be impartial, valuable and engaging.

  • We do not accept inappropriate tone, topics, or language.



How to proceed


Once you are familiar with the guidelines above contact us at via the chat feature providing an (initial) title, (initial) outline or submit a full article using the form below. Please, note that we run random checks for duplication, post publication.

Please note, if we find out that you have reached and published the same article on multiple websites, we reserve the right to remove your content from our site. We also reserve a right to amend your content, heading, and link anchor text to better fit our target audience.


Happy to hear your ideas!

By using the article submission form below, you are agreeing that your content is unique, and that it can be published on own-mafiacity.com blog. 


 Please ensure that your Google Doc link is set to "anyone with the link can view" so that we can access the document. The document should include the title, content, images, links and author bio. Additionally, it should also include a meta title and description. 

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